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Paul Laspagis

Paul Laspagis was born in Limnos Greece in 1949 and migrated to Melbourne Australia 1957, where he lives.
 He studied at the National Gallery Art School with John Brack and Alun Leach-Jones. He has worked at painting and drawing consistently over the years and exhibits regularly. He is interested in making images from the man made environment, human presence and the natural landscape. 
He looks for structure and order in transforming the ordinary and transient into flat formal monuments that give the illusion of solidity and permanence. He sees harmony, unity and interconnection in the makeup of visual reality and endeavours to have these values reflected in the language of painting. Drawing is very important to his work practice, as it is the initial responsive contact with the subject with which he begins to analyse and dissect the various pictorial elements that assist in orchestrating a painting.
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