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Jason Haufe

Since the 1990s, Jason Haufe has explored various spatial and pictorial ideas within the limited means of geometric abstraction. He combines digital, machine, and handmade processes in the production of collages. Collage is the medium by which the artist explores his concern with drawing. The pieces of paper Haufe uses for collage are photocopies or blank photocopy paper. The photocopies are from source material such as patterns from the inside of envelopes or previous collages, which are often manipulated digitally on a computer and then printed and photocopied. Every time a work is produced, it adds to the sum of material that can be fed back into the process. New directions in the work are embedded in the process. The possibility of repetition, changes in scale, inversion, distortions, and colour only add to the complexity of forms and possible directions. Often an irregular form will be repeated many times in different works, reaffirming its identity while denying its uniqueness. Other times, getting lost amidst a multiplicity of forms and attaining a new character. This feedback process forces new directions and possibilities that the artist did not create, but simply had to choose from. For more information on Jason's work, please visit https://www.artspace.com/artist/jason-haufe
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