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Steve Warburton

Steve Warburton is currently working (in Emerald) and exhibiting in Melbourne, Australia. Since completing a Fine Arts degree at Monash University, Steve has exhibited widely, in group and solo exhibitions. His paintings and drawings are held in collections Australia-wide and internationally. As an artist's work is a reflection of his or her emotions, ideals, thoughts and influences, it is necessary to understand the importance the work plays in the artist's life. My work is the direct result of things that I have born witness to, overheard in conversations, observed in the media or dreamt. It reflects my right to express my thoughts, in a way I hope will be accessible to the viewer, both aesthetically and literally. As the world around us changes, the environment, the politics, our society, thus my imagery changes too. Steve Warburton. For more information regarding Steve's work, please visit https://www.stevewarburton.com/
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