Artist Mike Reed joins Corporate Art Rentals

11 Jay Walking (Large)

Mike Reed is extremely well known in Advertising Film Production but now explores opportunities to create even more success in photography and the publishing of unique creative photobooks. Mike’s work is influenced by a phenomena called Pareidolia which is a type of illusion of light, shadow and form representing something that is clear and distinct; usually in clouds but also people have claimed to see Elvis or the Messiah in the discolourations of a burnt slice of toast, or the image of Vladimir Putin in the soapy scum of a shower curtain. Mike’s works employ a graphical and colourful approach, utilising colour enhancing techniques and Fuji Flex paper mounted on a light but strong Dibond aluminium frame. For more information on Mike’s work, please visit his website here.

20  The Eye of Paris (Large)
05 Nippon Xing  (Large)