Downer Group install John Aslanidis’ art work in their Melbourne office


Corporate Art Rentals recently consulted to the Downer Group to provide office art for the boardroom in their Melbourne office. The project had to be completed within a week, since a board meeting was scheduled to take place immediately after the installation. To ensure the artwork could be installed in time, Corporate Art Rentals worked closely with the Australian artist John Aslanidis, who is known for his abstract style of paintings that define a space between sound and vision, and our art installation
specialist, Ellis Art Installations. 

We generally recommend a selection of artwork for our clients’ offices, so that they have a variety of works to choose from when designing their office. At all times we keep in mind their requirements and the aesthetics that make up their interiors. Clients select the artwork that they want to rent and we help them to install it correctly. In this instance, management at the Downer Group had already selected an artist and the artwork that they wanted to hang in their workspace.

As the pictures below indicate, they made an excellent choice using office wall art that clearly complements their boardroom’s existing design. The artwork’s warm tones are highlighted through the use of timber in the boardroom. The end result is a space that encourages discussion and decision making and promotes productivity and creativity amongst their workforce.

By renting John Aslanidis’ artwork, the Downer Group is supporting and encouraging the work of local Melbourne artists and showcasing it in one of the most important spaces in their Melbourne office.