Gabrielle Jones painting selected as “exceptional”.


Congratulations to Corporate Art Rentals artist, Gabrielle Jones on having her painting described as one of four “exceptional” paintings by the prestigious NYC/American publication, ‘Friend of the Artist’.

Summer2017FOA_InsideCoverOnly four paintings were selected as exceptional by the magazine’s staff. The magazine’s management stated, “We at FOA are also excited to share the artists we selected to include in the upcoming Fall 2017 Publication! Each member of our staff chose an artist we felt was exceptional to us!”

Gabrielle’s paintings are recognisable for their beautiful use of colour gestural mark-making and sense of movement and evidence her embrace of the notion of chance in both her subject matter and her painting technique. Charles Blackman once described Gabrielle’s work as “…full of shining light, radiant… [she] lets the inner things – her soul – come into her paintings [and] evokes feelings from the viewer.”

Gabrielle’s colourful paintings are ideal for office art and will brighten and enhance any corporate workspace. You can view Gabrielle’s paintings for rental here